Selection of the correct camshaft for the application is crucial for the best results.

When selecting a camshaft for a particular engine all aspects of the engine must be taken into consideration. Expected operating rpm, induction system, compression ratio, cylinder head design, valve to piston clearance and valve spring limitations all have a bearing on which camshaft will achieve the desired result. Which of course is the most powerful engine with the broadest HP range possible. For your next engine  project or if you want to upgrade your existing engine. please call and discuss your needs with Keith.

"Power and reliability"

Make More Power With The Right Camshaft.


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Across different forms of motorsport and classes of racing Speedline Race Engines has powered many cars into first place. National, State and Club Champions have had great success with Speedline Race Engines. With an involvement in motorsport for over 25 years we understand what is needed in a race car engine. We can provide anything from Complete Engines to parts and advise. Call us and discuss your needs today. Our phone number is 0417712439. Ask for Keith. Leave a message if we don't answer and we will get back to you.