Over the years I improved the power of the engine, learning what makes a good race engine. In that car I won many races, heats and feature races.  During these years I also built the engines for my brother Paul. Paul also competed in a TD Cortina. Firstly in a Street Sedan, then in the Modified Production class. Paul sold the Street Sedan to a fellow Sunshine Coast Speedway Club member who would go on to win the 1992 Queensland Street Sedan Title, still using the engine I had built for Paul. Check out my Results Page for a list of major race wins with my engines. 

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"Power and reliability"

Hello and Welcome from Keith Hussey.

Speedline Race Engines Race Engine Building

My first race car was a TD Ford Cortina, which I built together with my brother for the Modified Production class of speedway sedan racing. I competed in that car for around 8 years from 1989 to 1997. This would be the beginning of my race engine building career.

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Speedline Race Engines is part of Speedline Engineering Pty Ltd, which began in May 2003. I have been quietly going about my business building engines for many different classes of racing. Speedway, Off Road and Circuit racing and some specialty road engines. I am not a one engine specialist, rather I have applied my knowledge to many different makes of engines. I take the view that all engines are internal combustion engines and that the principles of an efficient and powerful engine apply to all engines. I am always learning and keep up with the latest improvements in engine design and development. In 2013 I travelled to the USA to attend a seminar about cylinder head design and development. This was conducted by Reher Morrison Racing Engines, one of the top engine builders in the USA.